SP rail images from the 1980's

In the 80's I lived along side the Southern Pacific's Peninsula line in the vicinity of the California Avenue passenger depot. There used to be significant rail facilities, including a wye, branch main line, an aggregate mixing facility that required rock and sand hoppers, and other industrial works in the area. In a drug store on Cal Ave there used to hang an aerial photo (from the 40's?) showing the appliance store that took deliveries of such items as refrigerators that were unloaded on the team track by forklift and trundled over to the store, a lumber facility, and other rail facilities. The lone survivor is the team track when these photos were taken in the late 80s.

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This is a 400meg mp4 of the Dirty Dirt at Quint Street on 20 April 2017. I suggest a download and then watching due to the "asymmetric" part of adsl of my internet connection. Sigh.

The Broadway Local has four units, a GP9, two SW1500's and another GP9, as they power past the now long out-of-service Cal Ave center siding.

An ex-commute GP9 3186 leads the Broadway with a heavy tonnage of rock trailing. The units smoke it up a bit as the engineer powers through the California Avenue CalTrain station.

Another shot of an ex-commute GP9 3194 on the Broadway Local. Common units to have on those 6 geep lashups that took on the unit coal train delivery to Permanente.

The remnants of the Santa Clara Yard are seen as the grim sight of removed yard tracks desolate the background.

In earlier times, Santa Clara yard's west end is busy, with a local in the foreground, a commute heading to San Francisco past the now closed Santa Clara Tower, and a yard job and a drag freight sit in the yard tracks. Much of the visible railroad is now sold off and is no longer a part of the UP merged system.

An SD45 leads a lengthy train of empty TOFC/COFC flats past the Santa Clara depot.

For a while, the SFTRL (San Francisco Tracy hauler) ran daylight out of South San Francisco. We're looking east (south) down track #2 at the Cal Ave center siding. I was surprised with the assignment of these big units to this train for a while.

Seen in the foreground is the team track spur to the left, and the wye switch for the old east leg of the wye off to the Los Gatos line. I was able to watch the crews switch the last industry off this track across the El Camino for a while in the early 80's when I worked next door.

I've set up to digitise some of the video I shot back in the 1980's and have a couple of frame grabs that I'm posting here. First is SP 7517in San Jose south of the depot. SP 8287is show at Santa Clara where the Mulford Line joins the Coast Line. Both of these trains were detours off Tehachapi as a result of a hurry-up rail replacement project that was being done at the time.

Dunsmuir, California and Oregon Shortlines.

A trip to Oregon in October 2000 resulted in three railroads seen.

Dunsmuir had SD40s around for helpers. Here we see a pair with 3808 and 3785 and a quartet with 3151, 3516, 3808, and 3785.

A silly shot of an ex-SP SD9, numbered as the Port of Tillamook Bay 101, and painted as a heifer. Quite appropriate given the great local Tillamook cheese.

A slug set on the Central Oregon and Pacific with the numbered but unlettered 4000 leading.

Santa Clara Yard Sep 2000

A few shots of Santa Clara Yard's east end. The yard itself.


RG 3130

SP 7949

UP 2058

UP and RG

UP/SP Merger Texas rail infrastructure upgrade maps.